The Longest Day

7 Sep 2015
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The Longest Day. It might be long & happy or long & heavy, but for one reason or another, some days leave a deeper mark in our experience. At times so much that a single day can fill the emotional space of a week or more in our memory log. And yet, every day has the same number of hours, minutes, seconds. Every living person is allotted an equal amount of time, day by day. So what would make a day – a long day?

blogs about The Longest Day at Rapha:
The day before the day.
Photo: Julien Verlay

An early puncture – the one and only.
Stopping for coffee in a little village.

Made some friends.

When in France… boule.

Salt and some warmth and I was feeling better. The poor dog got nothing, except a few pats.
Photo: Beth Hodge Bryn
What else do you need than a hot fire, a few friends and the anticipation of reaching the summit?
Going as a team.
Photo: Ricky Buckenlei

Almost there. No way I could not smile at this point!

The singing team, the best.

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